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Business Process

Try, choose or combine!

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Study in the new generation business program!

We understand that choosing your future path in business is not easy. Combining the experience of more than 25 years of existence of the BA School of Business and Finance and the most modern study approaches, we have created a study program for the new generation of business leaders. Come and find out what works the best for you - create, lead or combine!

find YOUR WAY IN BUSINESS by learning:

Nowadays, design thinking is no longer just an advantage for artists - it has become an effective method for solving business problems. Together with our lecturers - professors and mentors - you will go through all the basic stages of this creative process - you will be able to define target audiences, generate ideas, create prototypes, test solutions and participate in their implementation.

acquisition of design thinking

Understand the customers and develop a solution based on their needs!
Internship in companies, participation in business simulations and international hackathons - be sure, you will experience a lot with us! For several years BA School of Business and Finance has been organizing a business start-up competition for young entrepreneurs "Business24h". Take a look here and find out how exciting it is to learn by doing!

practice based

Take on the role of a leader in solving real business cases!

Lecturers -

Learn from industry professionals - your lecturers!
Can't decide - your own company or paid job? You have doubts about your potential idea or willing to choose the specialization? Our lecturers and career experts will always be open to offer you career choices and to answer your questions.

Individual approach to each student

Get to know your personality and improve it together with experienced mentors!
Did you know that many world-conquering business idea owners have studied together? We believe - you can find the right partner already during your studies! Lectures, seminars and practice will be organized as a work in groups, consisted of your course mates and students from the other programs. You will always be able to use the OpenLab premises of BA School of Business and Finance for creative brainstorming.

Emphasis on teamwork

Develop the ability to work together - through learning process and by working in a team.
and leadership courses
Learn modern techniques and the
principles necessary for self-development
Basics of digital transformation
Get acquainted with the most promising industries of the future - virtual and augmented reality, gamification - current information and data processing methods.
Learn how to prepare an organization for innovation and adapt to an always changing business environment.
and communication skills
Develop content structuring, visualization and public speaking skills to be able to attract new customers, investors and gain recognition.

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jaunās paaudzes studiju mentori un praktiķi jaunās paaudzes studiju mentori un praktiķi

Anna Whicher, Expert in design thinking 

Design thinking is a strategic approach to innovation and creativity that focuses on user needs. It provides a 360-degree view of the challenge and enables users to jointly create and test solutions. A design thinking mindset fosters empathy, deep understanding, synthesizes diverse input, iteratively generates solutions and actively tests concepts.

Eduards Aksjoņenko, Strategic Management

Working together with different size companies, seeing them on the move, creating and solving business cases - I can certainly say that in today’s business world it's not the big that eat the small - it's the fast that eat the slow. You need to be decisive and do not need to fear from a failure. As Elon Musk says: “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” 

Līga Efeja, Personal development & learning techniques

The world moves fast and change is constant. What is it that defines us as good people, great leaders, competent professionals? What gives us courage to take risks and innovate? What can we rely on in times of uncertainty? Your personality and skill set might be your greatest resource. Invest in who you will become.  

Ieva Kozlovska, Financial Management

Warren Buffett says: “Accounting is the language of business”. During our studies we will learn to read, write and speak in this language. Furthermore, we will do it fluently by acquiring theoretical and practical experience so valuable to any type of organisation’s stakeholders.  

Kristaps Pētersons, Communication Skills II

I have learned that positive or negative processes in my life are not determined by my education and knowledge but by the way I talk to people. Good presentation is nothing more than calming down your audience and ability to show them your usefulness.

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